FINCA Guatemala has established guidelines on client protection in the microfinance industry. We help develop, and support the Smart Campaign, a set of principles to ensure that microfinance institutions act correctly.

Principles on which we base ourselves.

We actively support and participate in Microfinance Transparency, an industry-wide effort to ensure full transparency, we create and stick with those who seek the protection and development of our clients.

  • We design products and services for our clients.
  • We prevent over-indebtedness of our clients.
  • We apply the principles of transparency with all our clients.
  • We set responsible prices for all our products.
  • We always have a fair and dignified treatment towards clients.
  • We take care at all times of the privacy and confidentiality of our clients’ data.
  • We try that any query, comment or complaint is answered as soon as possible.
Research to improve services

FINCA conducts rigorous research to our clients and how microfinance is helping their lifestyles. Research helps us confirm that we are reaching our customers and our products and services that meet their needs correctly. It also allows us to adapt our practices to changing markets and the needs of all our clients.

You can view our rate information by clicking this link: Tarifario

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