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Financial Literacy Strengthens Women’s Inclusion and Empowerment

November 11, 2021|

Global statistics show that one-third of the world’s population is financially illiterate. Of these individuals, women in impoverished countries make up a disproportionate percentage. As financial illiteracy is directly correlated with income levels, it is no

Social Enterprise Day: Fostering Sustainable Solutions

November 11, 2021|

Social Enterprise Day: Fostering Sustainable Solutions for a Brighter Future What is a social enterprise, exactly? A social enterprise is an organization that works diligently to better the lives of people and the environment, using

Agricultural Loan

September 21, 2021|

Agricultural Loan Provides financing for working capital, crop support, stockpiling and marketing of products. Aimed at small agricultural producers, in order to boost their productivity. It is a loan focused on meeting short, medium and


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