Craftswoman of Chichua

This Village Banking group consists of eight business women who chose the name of the place where they live to be their group name.
The group members are successfully engaged, day to day, in making woven fabric dyed with natural inks. This group of women wake early every day to make the fabrics in order to financially support their families. They each have thanked FINCA Guatemala for trusting them and providing the credit that allows them to buy the thread, silks, ink and looms they need. Many of them have spent more than ten years performing the weaving tasks which involve stretching the parallel threads, called warps, across the looms and then raising these, individually or in groups, to form an opening through which to pass the frame. They work on three types of hand looms: racks, vertical and horizontal looms to create their traditional indigenous fabrics. Their current loan is helping them to keep moving their business forward.