We grant credits to groups of people to strengthen their businesses and use financial resources communally.


  • Ease:Requirements available to all and very simple to complete.

  • Agility: Your credit will be disbursed in record time.

  • Comfort: Our loan officers will visit your business to collect the necessary information.

  • Proximity: You can make the payment of your credit in FINCA agencies throughout the country, and in all authorized points; TIGO Money, G&T Continental Bank, InterBanco, BAM, Farmacias Batres and Cajas de Desarrollo.

  • Life insurance: We prevent your family from inheriting debts.


  • Amounts: From Q. 2,000.00 to Q.20,000.00.


  • Be a recurring customer AA or A with history in FINCA, at least 1 year consecutively, without interruptions greater than 30 days.